Fully Automated Reel Turn-up System

(Dispenser Assembly, Electrical Enclosure, & HMI)


TUSA 5 is the first integrated intellegent fully automated turn-up system designed for high speed and dynamic reel applications.

Standard Features

UNI-CHARGER Loopless Technology
  • Patented Loopless design
  • Overcomes speed limitations of traditional "loop design"
  • Unidirectional unwind provides smooth delivery of paperband
  • De curls, realigns, and protects paperband for higher yields, effortless loads, and reliable feeds
Automated Adhesive Application
  • Programmable adhesive length
  • Self lock adhesive detection plate for ease of reloading
  • Optical adhesive detection
Nip Aquisition Technology
  • Nip Acquisition detection Algorithm (NADA) provides for precision timing in changing reel conditions
Dynamic Reel Speed Selection
  • Ensures proper charge length and sequencing to eliminate missed turn-ups at high speeds

Operating Or Application Parameters

Reel Parameters
DesignCurrently in Operation

Reel Speed16 Mpm2000Mpm240 Mpm1400 Mpm
Machine Width500 mm12500 mm1700 mm10500 mm
Web Parameters

Basis Weights 15 to 1400 gsm

Electrical Or Air requirements

  • 110 - 220 V
  • 50/60hz
  • 5 amps
  • 75 psi / 5.17 bar
  • Instrument quality

Listings and Approvals

  • (UL)    UL 73
  • (CSA)   CAN/CSA-C22.2
  • (CE)    Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC;
  • (CE)    Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2014/30/EU

Equipment Weights & Dimensions

Dispenser Assembly

Gross Weight: 143 lbs / 65kg

Electrical Enclosure

Length:  24" / 609mm

Width:  8.5" / 216mm

Height:  24" / 609mm

Equipment Specifications

Dispenser Assembly

Internal Support Structure: 6061 Aluminum Plate (31mm thick)

Enclosure: Cast Aluminum powder coated
Transparant Lexan access panel (Drive Side / Tending Side)

Components: Electro-Pneumatic, stainless steel, parkerized steel, aluminum

Actuators: Dual piston

Drive Trian: Single timing belt

Motor: Baldor - 1/4 hp gearmotor

Solenoid Valves: SMC

sensors: Fiber optic

Electrical Enclosure

Enclosure: Stainless Steel

PLC Or HMI Options



TP Comfort 700 (Color)

Allen Bradley

AB Micrologix 1100

AB Panelview Plus 6 (color)


Maximum load speed - 160 fpm / 49 Mpm

Adhesive Apply & Detection  - 3 second **

Nip Acquisition Detection - < 1 milisecond ***

Brake activation speed  - < 2 milisecond

No of adhesive application failures out of 1000: - < 1

No of false detection failures out of 1000: - < 1

* All performance measures assume the use of consumable materials as prescribed by manufacturer

** Adhesive apply and detection performance may be optimized at lower apply speeds

*** Speed of detection is by pulses in accordance to reel speed

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