Sheet Break Detection


Sheet Break Detection

The ONE-9010 is a high intensity white LED sensor that memorizes and calibrates to the color of the web. The ONE-9010 utilizes proprietary technology that simultaneously measures color, contrast and texture of the moving web.

The ONE-9010 detects breaks at distances of up to 15ft. Longer mounting distances help keep sensors out of the way and unaffected by collateral damage from the web path. This is the ONE sensor for all locations and applications on your machine.

The Smart-Box is equipped with a smart controller that allows one-touch calibration, temperature monitoring, and break recording. Paired with the ONE-9010 the Smart-Box logs performance data charts every second of every day to know exactly how your system is performing. The HMI Touchscreen provides quick access for sensor calibration and performance monitoring.


  • Open Draw
  • Sheet on Cylinder
  • Sheet on Felt


  • 15 ft. Detection
  • Patented Air Purge
  • Performance Data
  • Maintenance Alarm
  • Auto Calibrate
  • Temperature Monitoring


Automatic Calibrate based on Signal Drop or Time
Full Trending of Sensor Values/Breaks/Sensor


Flexible Setup Via Password Locked Screens

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