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RYECO & Vision Systems strategic co-operation started

Ryeco Inc. and Vision Systems Oy have started a strategic co-operation to support the future growth for both companies. At this phase Ryeco Inc. is reselling the products and services of Vision Systems in North America, and Vision Systems Oy is reselling the products and services of Ryeco in Scandinavia. The co-operation is targeting for larger synergies in the areas of defect/code marking and mark reading, web guiding and web break detection. Both companies are seeing great value having the portfolio of each other’s in North America and Scandinavia sales regions.

RYECO CHosen AS Finalist in the PPi AwaRDS

Once again, RYECO was chosen as a finalist in the Pulp & Paper Awards 2013 for Breakthroug Technology of the year. The ceremony took place on December 11th at the Riz Carlton in Dubai. The PPI Awards program honors leadership, vision, innovation and strategic accomplishmnets within the pulp and paper sector.

PPI Awards 2013